FillFlags: Fill Country Flags

Test your knowledge about country flags in this unique free quiz game.


Fill out the country flag flashing areas with the correct colors. All countries in the world to test your memory and acknowledge.


Within a certain challenge, a country is selected randomly, its flag is displayed in white. Also randomly one of the colors that make up the flags flashes, indicating the user to tell what the correct color for the flashing area. A color menu below flag is available for the user to make the selection. If the selected color is correct, the area will be painted and a new area will flash. This process is repeated until all the colors of the flag are painted.

## SCORE ##

For each incorrectly selected color you make a mistake. Altogether allowed 5 error. The game ends when you reach the sixth error.
The speed with which the flag is painted influence on the score. There is a timer above the color menu that varies its color from green to yellow and red. If the user can paint the flag still with the timer in green color, your score is multiplied by 3, in yellow for 2 and red color there is no bonus.


To facilitate learning without constantly restart the game, the user can use the fast-flag display. While holding down radius of the symbol at the bottom right of the screen, the user can view the original flag of the country, memorize the colors and then fills them in sequence. Throughout the game, the user can use this feature 5 times.