PerfPatrol: Computer Monitor

Monitor cpu, memory, i/o, performance and availability of your Windows Servers.

Download the PerfPatrol Agent installer file for Microsoft Windows. Unpack the file and run the installer.

perfpatrol_setup.rar perfpatrol_setup.rar
Size : 1596.803 Kb
Type : rar



PerfPatrol provides information of how well the operating system or an application, service, or driver is performing. PerfPatrol can help determine system bottlenecks and fine-tune system and application performance.

With PerfPatrol you can:

- Get real-time performance charts;
- Get performance information about CPU, I/O, Disk, Memory, Paging, Swaping,  Databases and more;
- Check servers availability;
- Get notifications when server performance achieve critical values;
- Top Process
- Disk Space Info
- Services Status Info